Aged 4 months

The award-winning Artequeso artisan semi-cured Manchego PDO Cheese is produced with only raw milk from selected herds of Manchega sheep at the family-run La Prudenciana farm in the heart of La Mancha.


Ingredients: Manchega sheep raw milk, salt, animal rennet, lysozyme of egg (E-1105) and lactic ferments. (Salt contains no anticaking agents)
Paste: Pressed, firm with eyes unequally distributed.
Rind: Marked with “pleita” (spikes) in the cylindrical part and with “flor” (grooves) on the top and bottom. Natural protective coating. Natamiacin Free.
Color: White – Ivory
Smell: Soft, lactic and with little acidity. Aromas which are identified with raw milk.
Taste: Delicate, nutty cream which intensifies with aging. Aftertaste, lactic, persistent and very pleasant.
Texture: Elastic. Easy to cut. Not grainy.
Small wheels, approx. 1,0 Kg
Large wheels , approx 3,3 Kg.
Wedges, 250 g

Imported from Spain by:

Artequeso USA, Inc.
2 Private Road
Northport, NY 11768
Tel: (631) 599 0609
Attn: Joseph Saracino

Contact in Spain:

Artequeso Quesos Manchegos S.L.
Autovia A-4 KM 99.600
45780 Tembleque (Toledo)
Tel: +34 629 245 228
Attn: Alfonso Jose Alvarez Valera