Casa Del Campo Manchego PDO Gran Reserva

Casa Del Campo Manchego PDO Gran Reserva

Aged 6 months

This is a Manchego PDO cheese. One of the oldest Manchego brands in Spain. Its firm, dry interior is dotted with small irregular holes, while still having a rich creaminess. The abundance of wild herbs on Spain’s La Mancha region lends Manchego its special taste and aroma.




Manchego can be recognized by the zigzag pattern etched into its rind, and to ensure traceability and authenticity, each Manchego cheese must have a codified casein tab and a PDO label. Casa del Campo Manchego is a pressed cheese made from pasteurized milk of the Manchega sheep, with flavors of caramel, nuts and salt. It is perfect as a snacking cheese or grated over pasta or eggs. Pairs well with salty, tangy wines, such as Manzanilla Sherry or Valdepeñas Red. This product is GMO-free.

Casa del Campo won numerous awards along the years. In 2016, it earned the silver medal at the Gran Selección awards.







Imported from Spain by:

Schratter Foods Inc.
Anco Fine Cheese
11421 NW  107 St.
Miami, FL 33178
Tel: (305) 651 8489
Attn: Ditmar Berberich


Contact in Spain:

Mantequerias Arias, S.A.
c/Pedro Teixeira, 8 PL 9
28020 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 417 4740
Attn: Carlos Oliveira