Dos Coronas

Dos Coronas

Dos Coronas Iberico Cheese is a pasteurized cheese made from a blend of cow, goat and sheep´s milk, aged a minimum of 4 months. Dos Coronas Iberico is produced in Spain by Lacteas Toledo, SL, member of TGT Group.




Iberico cheese gets its slightly acidic flavor from cow´s milk, its pale white in color from
goat´s milk and its buttery quality and aroma from sheep´s milk.  Currently half of the cheese produced and consumed in Spain is made from blended milks.

Shape: Cylindrical
Fat Content: 30 – 35%
Packaged in units of 3Kg.


Imported from Spain by:
 Ole Ole Foods
 54 Schuyler St.
Belleville, NJ 07109
Tel (973)759-0333
Fax (973) 759-0375
Attn: Conrad Adillon

Contact in Spain:
Teodoro Garcia, S.A.
 Ferrocarril, 2-4
08840 Viladecans (Barcelona)
Tel  (+34) 93 637 3773
Fax  (+34) 93 637 2916
Attn: Eva Capdevila