Campo de Montalban

Campo de Montalban®

Semi-firm cow, sheep, & goat’s milk cheese aged for 100 days.

Campo de Montalban is a semi firm mixed milk cheese with a lot of character from Castilla La Mancha.




The Corcuera family made a promise to make the highest quality mixed milk cheese using at least 40% goat and sheep’s milk while the standard in Spain is usually at least 80% cow’s milk for this type of cheese. The use of three milks produces a full flavor that balances richness with acidity. As it ages, the cheese will become more flavorful but never tastes bitter or overwhelmingly salty. The milks add depth to the flavor, as each one’s characteristics shine, along with the herbs and grasses on which the animals have grazed . The cheese received a Bronze medal in the 2015 & 2013 World Cheese Awards in the Category for Mixed Milk Cheeses.


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