El Trigal®

El Trigal®

Sheep´s milk cheese aged for 6 months

The Corcuera family was instrumental in creating the PDO for Manchego and was the first in Castilla La Mancha to produce and commercialize PDO Manchego. Don Eusebio Corcuera founded the company 70 years ago in his house in La Puebla de Montalban, near Toledo. His sons Ramon & Carlos succeeded him and expanded and innovated the business so that today it is one of the top 5 producers in Spain. With the untimely passing of both, their sister Carmen took over and she runs the business with a third generation of Corcueras in line. Quesos Corcuera collects fresh milk every day and is dedicated to producing stellar cheese with a rich, buttery flavor that is pure excellence.




A PDO Manchego cheese made only from the milk of Manchega sheep collected in the province of Toledo in La Mancha. The cheese stands out from others in the marketplace due to its deep buttery flavor and layers of richness seldom found in others. The dedication of the family to quality married with tradition and innovation shows in the every-day consistency and quality of the cheese.

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