Gran Capitan Iberico

Gran Capitan Iberico

Matured for a minimum of 2 months

Ibérico is a mix-milk cheese made from 35% pasteurized goat´s milk, 29% pasteurized cow´s milk and 21% pasteurized sheep´s milk.




Gran Capitan Ibérico has a very particularly mild flavor and a semi-firm texture with tiny eyelets. The cow´s milk contributes smoothness and good dairy qualities, the goat, tartness and tang, and the sheep´s milk rounds everything off with a rich buttery creaminess.

Imported from Spain by:
Lactalis Deli, Inc.
77 Water Street, Mezzanine Level
New York, NY 10005
(212) 758-6666

Contact in Spain:
Grupo Lactalis Iberia
C.T.M. Edificio de Oficinas
Ctra. Villaverde a Vallecas KM. 350
Madrid, 28053
+34 915 079 697
Attn: Amparo Serrano