Los Cameros

Los Cameros

Cured sheep´s milk cheese aged for 6 months

Made in La Rioja, Spain Los Cameros Black Label is a cured Sheep’s milk cheese aged for 6 months. The rind is rubbed with olive oil during the aging process to provide the perfect bouquet.




Black Label is full of flavor, with an intense yet slightly lactic taste, and a deep aroma.  It has an attractive ivory color and firm texture with small, well-distributed eyes.

Imported from Spain by:
Epicure Foods Corporation
Elizabeth, NJ 07206
(908) 527-8080 Office

Contact in Spain:
Lacteos Martínez, S.L.
Pol. Ind. Fuente Ciega
C/ Los Nogales, 55
26200 Haro, La Rioja, Spain